Miss Veronica was a teacher at the local University who was in trouble with principal Gregg. He was dissatisfied with her ability to teach her students and is giving her one last chance to educate the school degenerate . Justin has been sentenced to detention and Miss Veronica has been instructed to educate Justin at all costs or lose her job. Cum inside and see how Veronica educates Justin.
Here's a case of a peeping Tom checking out sexy Heather masterbating in what was supposed to be the seclusion of her own room. What Heather didn't realize was that Rick was very nearby watching Heather until he simply could not take it anymore. Turns out Heather was very turned on by Rick watching and decided to let him do more than just watch. Watch as Rick shows Heather that it was a good decision to open up to him!

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Jessica Sweet
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Poor Tiffany has broken her only pair of glasses and is trying to find a doctors office that can fit her for a new pair right away. She calls information and finds Nicholas, a local eye doctor that can fit her right away. As Tiffany receives her new specs , she realizes she has no money to pay. Well Nicholas cannot give her the glasses unless she makes the payment. Cum inside and watch how Tiffany makes her payment to Nicholas' satisfaction!

Veronica Heather Cherry Jessica Sweet Tiffany
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