Jackie Moore
Jackie is my Buisness English teacher. She is always on my ass about my low grades. The last test I wrote I failed miserably, so she asked me to see her after class. We talked shortly about my grade when she confessed to me that she wanted my balls. She was my teacher so I had no choice but to pound her ass to get a passing grade. Anyways, I'm on the honour roll now, if you know what I mean!


Nikki was at the train station with no money and nowhere to go. I was on my way home from work when I noticed she was lonely so I talked to her and we hit it off. She needed money bad so I made her a proposition. We started fucking like two wild rabbits in a meadow. Her pussy had a little extra hair but with her tight body i didn't mind at all! Blowing on a girls face and glasses is satisfying, it makes you feel really sophisticated!

Nikki Hunter
It wasn't bad enough that Joe was having a bad day. To make matters worse he realizes that officer Hunter is writing him a ticket for parking illegally. He pleads his case that there were no visable signs but officer Hunter would have none of that. BUT, when she realizes that Joe is a photographer , she agrees to have him take pictures of her in exchange for ripping up the ticket.Office Hunter has more on her mind than just pics!

This girl was a regular at the bar I used to work at. She used to always flirt with me so one night we got to talking. A couple drinks later we were at my hotel. I banged this girl so hard that her pussy wouldn't stop leaking. Her tits were firm and her pussy was like a cock hot tub. When I was good and ready I plastered her glasses with my cum! We see each other here and there if you know what I mean!